What to blog about? My passion or Knowledge?

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I am going to tell you right of the bat that deciding what to blog about might be more complicated than you think.

You read articles like “blog about your passion” and you will succeed.


“If you don’t have a passion for your niche ”your blog will have slow and boring death.

True, most of it.

I am also guilty of preaching the same in my blog only because I know for a fact if I didn’t had any passion for my niche. I would have pulled the plug a long time ago.

That’s the only reason why I say, blog about your passion, it helps you hold on when things are turning dark and gloomy for your blog

But, picking a niche because you are passionate about won’t always help you in the end. Let’s take an example of you being a kids nutritionist. You are an expert in that field but you are passionate about Mexican fighting roosters.

Your passion is not going to help you at all, trust me. You are more likely to strike it big within the nutrition niche.

Although it is a very competitive market. Your expertise can immediately start providing solutions to many parents problems.

That is exactly what you need to do, provide answers to other problems.

In short, your blog niche will be about your expertise and not your passion.

What is a niche then?

A niche is a smaller area of a broad topic like sport. To blog about sports is very broad and you need to niche it down to let’s say football.

Football will be your niche and you are going to write and promote just football to your audience.

There are multiple reasons for this.

1. It makes you an expert.

Let’s say you are a nutritionist again. People will come to your blog for advice. They trust you and your advice you are giving them.

It is important to establish authority in your field and by having a niche will help you turn your loyal readers into buyers at some point.

It will also be a lot easier to come up with content for you as you have already tons of experience in the specific field.

2. Loyal readers.


This may not seem like it now but visitors and loyal readers on your blog are what makes the world of blogging ticks.

You need to turn your new visitors into readers, get them hooked and coming back for more. Being niche specific will help you establish that a bit easier than a multi-topic blog.

People crave great content and if your content is king, you will win their trust and followership.


3. Monetize (making money)


You are definitely not going to spend countless hours creating content for your blog for the fun.

You want to make money and good money I might add.

Being in a niche will allow you to target more a specific audience and therefore promoting products easier.

With a well-designed targeted product aiming at your loyal readers is a recipe for big bucks.

A great way to do this is a by email. You create a lead magnet to attract newcomers by usually giving them something for free in exchange for their email address.

Once you have their email address you can start by winning their trust and promote your products.

It is an absolute must to have subscribers list.

4. It keeps you focused.

There are so many things to worry and think about when it comes to blogging it hardly ever seems if you can focus on one thing at a time.

You need to be focused, focused on producing great content for your audience. If you have a multi-topic blog you will be bouncing of the walls trying to figure out what, where and how.

Unless if you can harness the power of 10 writers helping you out.

99% of us start this venture alone, staying focused on one subject will be your best bet.

Ok, great. I still don’t know what to blog about.

You are not alone with this one. I have spent hours trying to kick-start the blank space in my head to life.

So, don’t feel bad after spending some hard earned cash on a “how to blog” course only to find yourself staring at the computer screen. 

If you still can’t think of a single thing you want to start a blog with.

Give these following tips a try.  


Passion VS Knowledge.


If you have a passion for a certain topic it will be easy to write articles with emotion. You will be motivated, excited and more willing to share it with the world.

With passion, you will find it easier to hold on to your blog when you feel the strong urge to jump ship when things are not looking up

You are in for the long run, so think for a second – Will I still be passionate in two years time writing about the same niche? Will you still be excited to write the 100th article like you were righting the first one?

If your answer is yes, then start blogging.



Knowledge about topics can make you an expert on the matter. Which is great, but it will feel like a chore writing articles for the subject.

It will eat up your free time and after a while, you will start to feel a strange hate for your blog.

This is because blogging takes time, it takes all kinds of determination to see your first sale.

If you can hold on for a couple of months until you hit your first paycheck I can almost guarantee you will find a passion for the niche you are writing for.

We are just wired like that.

Now, if you combine passion and knowledge with a market you can monetize well. You have a recipe for success.


Monetize (make money)

All things aside here, do you want to make some money from your hard work?

Off-course you do.

The niche you pick will directly have an influence on the money you will be able to make.

Some niches are just plain too small to monetize and some don’t have the potential to upscale when the time comes.

Don’t get me wrong, money can be made in all kinds of niches if done correctly.

It all comes down to you picking a niche whether for passion or money. If you pick both, why make it hard on yourself deciding on a difficult niche to monetize.

Lets’ look at 8 great money making niches.


How to make money.


A very crowded niche to be in. It seems like it is the easiest niche to pick for beginner bloggers. It is easy to monetize and it is easy to come up with solutions to a whole lot of problems.

 Everyone in the world wants more money and if you can provide a legit way of showing visitors how to make extra money you will be on your way to making money yourself.

 Be warned, it is a tough crowd and there is no place for mediocre content.

 You have to rise above all the startup websites that jump into live every second of the day.

 Work smart, be creative and don’t follow the mainstream BS. People have grown immune to it.


Personal Finance.


A super fun and competitive niche to start. If you know something about finances and can actually help other people to manage their finances better then I would say this might be for you.

 The idea is to help people live a more stress-free life and if you can provide great strategies for getting rid of bad debt, saving money and living a more frugal life, you will have your niche.

 Remember, the advice you give your readers will have a negative or positive outcome on their lives so don’t fool around with bad advice.


Health and Fitness.


 Huge potential to drive traffic, although this is a broad topic you have to niche it down a bit. You can cover anything from yoga to supplements to get rid of belly fat.

 The good news is, if you are a fitness and health nut, chances are good that you know a lot about anything related to the topic.

 This opens the door to run more than one blog, cross-promoting content.

Essentially this means, you can drive traffic from your popular blog to your startup blog and promote whatever you are selling.

 This is a fun way for a group of professionals to start a blog and work together to pump out great content.




Travelling is actually a sub-niche of lifestyle but it’s doing so good on its own and not to difficult to start.

 You just need the means and a way to start your travels. Then keep a journal every day of your experience and write an article about “what to do” and “what not to do”

 It is perfect if you are young or have a partner with the same outlook as you.

 If your articles are great, companies will start paying you to travel.

 Imagine that?




Very popular niche and for good reason. It is crazy fun and has no limits when it comes to creativity.

 Although you can attract a lot of visitors, they mainly want recipes and some inspiration not necessarily by anything from you.

 Keep that in mind when starting a blog about food. You can always sell advertising space when you hit a certain amount of visitors a month to your blog.


Personal development.


Immediately what stands out for me in this niche is “how to deal with depression” or if you want to make it more specific blog about postpartum depression with women after the birth of a child.

 It is a big deal and a lot of women suffer from it.

 If you are an expert in the field you can help out.

 Monetizing your blog is going to be a bit tricky but with enough traffic, you can promote some Amazon products like books or even sell your own ebook.




Huge blog opportunity but keep in mind it is difficult to write about fashion. It is more a visual experience to be outgoing and has an eccentric personality.

 Take photos at fashion shows and have interviews with leading fashion designers.

 Perfect for combining your blog with your vlog. Vlog is the video equivalent of a blog.




If you can start a blog in the tech industry you have a major advantage as new products are released every day.

 Just have a look at popular YouTubers with their tech channels, they make a ton of money and it is not difficult to get traffic.

 People are searching for new products every day and if you have a great blog about all the latest tech let’s say smartphones you will have a steady stream of passive income heading your way.

 This has great potential to join hands with companies like Amazon.

 Write + Promote = Earn


These are only eight niches we have covered but there are so much more and it is important to note that every niche can make money it is all about longevity.

 Will you be able to write about your topic in 4 years time and still have fresh content to share?

Let’s look at a few more niches.


  • Boating.
  • DIY
  • Babies and children
  • Cars
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Camping
  • Gardening
  • Storm Chasers
  • Hobbies
  • Battle games like airsoft.
  • Off-road biking
  • Divorce
  • Interior decorating
  • Baking
  • Tech
  • Drones
  • Photography
  • Video editing
  • Inventing
  • Pets

Important to note –

It is crucial to understand that you have to write articles that people are going to want to read. You have to provide a solution to their problems and then some.

Focus on creating quality content. Make them come back for more and if you push out content like –

  • How to change their lives for the better
  • How to save money or to make more
  • How to deal with stress better


If you can find yourself in a niche that covers “how people can become a better version” you will be just fine.


It does not matter what niche you get in to as long as you have the determination to make it a success.

A word of advice, do some research about your niche first before you just jump in. You don’t want to spend hours creating it only to quit 6t months later because you lost interest or don’t have anything to write about anymore.

Just start your blog, you will discover a lot more you didn’t know about yourself.


Happy writing.

If you have any questions regarding this article please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.


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