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Motivation for blogging


Blogging is a lot like getting a new phone.

You look at it all the time, play with it non-stop, use all the new features and apps and before long, you get over it.

You don’t care for the millions of pixels the camera has or all the apps and features that excited you in the beginning.

It has become just another phone in your pocket,

Simple as that.

Well, the fizzle dies quickly with blogging too and the main reason why is, we see the building part of the blog as a major accomplishment and then we start to scramble for traffic and inspiration for articles and before long…. Yup, you guessed it. You get over it.

Everything inside you starts to plateau, you start developing reasons for it not to work. It suffocates your creativeness and courage. Before you know it the excitement is over and you are considering to quit.


Then on top of that, the traffic to your blog sucks and the guy who inspired you to start a blog promised you will be making money by month 3.

It is month 6 now and NOTHING!

I hate to be the party pooper here but you have to be realistic and keep on pushing forward and find motivation for blogging.

To have motivation for blogging is going to take a lot from you and it is tiring. That is ok. I understand, as I also find times where I feel I want to quit.

So, what keeps me motivated?

I keep track of my goals and visualize what it will be like when my blog reaches my main goal.

It is also important to have and do the following:



Write your goals down on a piece of paper and stick it to your monitor. Every time when you are ready for work, read through your goals and see where you stand with achieving them.

When you accomplish your goals you will feel great and motivated. Create more goals and work towards them.
Set realistic goals, don’t set goals like “100 000 new visitors in month 3” or “making my first $10 000 by month 4”. That is just unrealistic and you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Rather set goals like:

Writing 50 articles by month 6
Finish my blog design by month xxx
Or create at least 5 Pinterest pins for every article.

I know these are outcomes you want to work to, but it is a short term goal as well.

Short term goals are important to have, as it forms the foundation of your blog. It helps you stay focused on the core of your blog.

Create long term goals like having an SEO Strategy to rank number one on Google search results in a year for one or more blog posts.

Whatever it is, create goals for your blog. It does not matter how dumb or small, it will help you with that “useless floating in the air” feeling we all deal with now and again.

Take Action


Taking action goes hand in hand with motivation. If you are not motivated, you won’t take any action.  You need to take action to get things done and by getting things done you become more motivated.

What an evil circle it is.

So, don’t linger on an idea once you decided you want to pursue it. Start by taking action and work every day to accomplish it.

Visualize and dream about your ideas and find motivation for blogging and take action. You can find inspiration in all kinds of things. I like to visualize my dream of having a lifestyle where I can support my family and do things we want and obviously a brand new Audi RS6. I mean come on, it is a station wagon for the family. 

Nothing wrong with dreams but without action, it just stays dreams.


Find Reward and Remember why you started a blog.


If we think about it, the number one reason why we start a blog is to find a reward. We want a reward for all our hard work.

Rewards can come in all shapes and sizes like money, joy, and freedom. Whatever it is, remind yourself of what motivated you in the first place. What were your drive and inspiration, try to awake those feelings again and take action.


Join groups with like-minded people.

Facebook is great for this. Join Facebook groups related to your topic. Most people on the groups are super friendly, always helpful and are there to help with motivation for blogging.

Please be aware, these groups are for helping each other out and building relationships and not for self-promotion. You will be removed.

Use them correctly and you will become more motivated, who knows you can even make a friend or two.

These groups have their own set of rules that everyone has to adhere to. Pay close attention and respect the rules and you will be fine.


Make Progress.

The more you make progress and reach your goals, the more you motivation for blogging you will have. It is easy not to make progress when you dislike what you are doing.

It helps to provide meaningful articles that you are proud of. If someone leaves a positive comment on one of your articles, you will feel great and it will be a super boost to your motivation.

Now, imagine writing a mediocre article just to push out content and someone leaves you a negative comment, you will be very demotivated and will probably be playing the blaming game.

You could save yourself from all of that. If you are not motivated, don’t write an article. Take a break or focus on something else, like traffic to your blog and try gathering motivation for your blog from your traffic results.

Motivation is motivation. You need it to make your blog a success and if you find motivation for your blog in other places like in the offline world, use it to make progress.


State of motivation.

It is easy to fall into a negative spin about your blog and become less motivated as the days roll by. You find yourself in front of the TV again, flipping through the channels trying to stimulate your brain with mindless information.

How do I know? I was that guy and it took me so long to realize that if I just go and sit down in front of my laptop, the motivation will follow. You have to change your state of mind by directing your feelings towards taking action.

You sit in front of the TV because you are not motivated and you are not motivated because you are sitting in front of the TV.

Change your feelings by getting up and starting to work, I promise you, you will find instant inspiration to go on.

You will start to notice that your productivity, creativity and focus will improve and therefore you will experience reward and with reward comes more motivation for blogging.

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Don’t lose focus on your goals, we all lose focus because when we start working on our blog we have a million tabs open that screams for our attention.

We all lose concentration and it can lead to losing motivation. If you have a task or goal you want to complete today, you better close and put away anything that is going to steal your attention.

If you can focus on your task and achieve it, it will be rewarding and with reward comes…… yes! You are right, MOTIVATION.


False claims from bloggers.

Stay away from false bloggers, they will only make you feel more and more demotivated. You have seen the millions of ads about how “they” make thousands from blogging in their first year of blogging.

It is general information and it won’t work for everyone. Each and every blog and niche is different and it will take a whole lot of different strategies to make your blog work.

Yes, there are main principles you can follow, but the outcome won’t be the same as everyone else’s.

They know this and sell blogging courses on “how to make money in your first month of blogging” because it is an attractive hook for new bloggers.

It is just an easy way to get more discouraged when you have paid some random guy money for his “rags to riches” BS.

Stay away and rather focus on courses that will help your goals succeed.


Afraid of being you

A very common mistake bloggers make, is to take someone else’s style of doing things and copying them. It is tiring, to say the least, as you will be playing the compare game a lot.

Just be yourself, write articles in your own style and manner, people will love your content if you are true to yourself.

You will be so motivated by the smallest of things. If only one of your articles helped someone you have completed your mission.

Yes, I know you want to aim for the 1000’s of readers and if you don’t get them like all the other bloggers, you will feel demotivated! Nonsense! You have to write for yourself first. Find your own voice and become proud of your articles.

That one person you have helped will most probably share your content with his followers and the people will start to come to your blog.

That is it, stay true and work your @$$ off and you will reap the rewards and the motivation for blogging will just flow naturally. 

Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.


― Roy T. Bennett

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