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Quick intro. 

My name is Jaco Wessels and I started building websites and blogging from 2009. I studied software development in 2003 and worked for a large and well known IT company.

During this time a came up with an idea for an online business, I wrote a business plan and went to the best website developers in Bloemfontein. I was full of hope and could already see and smell my new cars and mansions.

That dream came tumbling down as quick as I walked through their door. They slammed me with a quotation of R80 000 for the development of the website in 2006!

Where in the world would a 22-year-old get that kind of money?

Jaco Wessels

Enter: Web Nomads


I decided to never let the fate of my success to be determined by someone or company. I started to learn myself how to design and build websites for all walks of life. Now, I build my own online businesses and help entrepreneurs who have the willingness to learn and drive to see it through build theirs

I created Web Nomads as a platform for anyone who is interested in learning themselves to take charge of their future and success. It is my way of giving back to the people of South Africa and the rest of the world.

We all need a fresh start and what better way to do it, online!

Let’s Get You Started.


We have gathered the most read articles on the website related to blogging and neatly arranged them for your convenience.

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Not only do we have a lot of reading material, but we went as far as creating step-by-step videos on YouTube you can watch and learn as you go. The videos are put together to give you over the shoulder training on how to start a blog from start to finish.

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