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A part from all kinds of ways everyone is trying to send targeted traffic to their blogs you can try the alternative to guest blogging to explode your traffic. In my opinion it is a much easier to spread the word about your article.

So, guest posting? Well, I am not going in to details about how it works here, I have a full article about it and you are more than welcome to go read it. 

Yes, I do agree you should at least try to reach out to other bloggers for guest post opportunities but if it is not for you then have a look at this. 

Let’s explore list posting

How does list posting work. 

You write an amazing article about the top and upcoming bloggers in a specific niche, topic or whatever.

list posts

You list each one of them in your post with a small description about them and their blog. Then you send them a mail letting them know you featured them in the list.

It is going to take some work from your side and please be sure to write an amazing piece of content otherwise the bloggers on the list might end up asking you to remove them from it. It can obviously hurt their image. So pull your socks up for this one. 

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What are the benefits?

  • Everyone loves to be featured somewhere, if you did a great job they might end up sharing your article with their followers. More shares, more traffic!
  • Your list post stand a good chance to generate a massive number of comments of other bloggers showing their appreciation. Please reply to every comment. It is just good ethics. 
  • You build new connections with other bloggers in your country, niche or area. 

List posts are awesome for readers to find more blogs they love to read and general they rank well. Just look at this post from Come to Cape Town. A list post ranking number one for the search term “list of bloggers in South Africa”

Why don’t you step up your list post?


Think  a little outside the box here and create a list post around the top or best bloggers in a specific niche and let them add a quote to your post.

Yip, contact every blogger before you start the post and ask them if they want to collaborate on a certain topic like – “5 important steps for starting a blog” or “best traffic strategies” now you give all the participating bloggers something to look forward to reading. Imagine if you do a great job with the article, the chances are excellent they will leave a comment or even share your article.

Just imagine the connections you can build with all the new bloggers? Priceless. So if you started a blog or want to start, keep these strategies in mind and remember, it is going to take some work and effort from your side but whoever said blogging and marketing your blog is a piece of cake.

If all your marketing tactics seem fruitless, try building a next-level list post. 

Happy bloggingcool


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