The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Brizy Page Builder

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Designing a website may feel daunting at first, but creating a beautiful WordPress site is easier than you think! Using tools like page builders can make creating a website quick and easy, even for a total beginner.

Page builders make designing your website simple with easy to use templates and drag and drop modular elements. These WordPress plugins can save you lots of time and money when creating your first website

Many page builders on the market can help you design excellent websites, but how do you choose which one is right for you? We say the Brizy Page Builder is worth a try.

This intuitive tool is an awesome way to create your first blog or website without having any coding or development experience. It’s so easy to use that you’ll probably find yourself creating sites with Brizy again and again!

Not sure where to begin? No problem! Check out this complete guide to using Brizy Page Builder.

Brizy Page Builder

Since this is the complete beginner’s guide, we’re starting at the absolute first step: installing the Brizy plugin. If you’ve used WordPress before, pat yourself on the back for knowing your way around your dashboard and feel free to skip to the next section. However, if this is your first site and you need to know exactly where to start, we’ve got you covered!

There are two ways to get your hands on Brizy. One is downloading it straight from their website by following this link – Download Brizy


From your WordPress dashboard, you will navigate to the Plugin’s menu item. Next, click the Add New menu item and search for ‘Brizy.’

plugins Brizy install

Click the ‘Install Now‘ button and in moments, you’ll be ready to start building your website with the free version of Brizy’s software. Easier than you thought, right?

One of the reasons we recommend the Brizy Page Builder is because the free version is so robust. While a paid subscription offers lots of additional features for marketing and design, a free subscription can help you get your website up and running fast. Whether you choose the free or paid version, you will still need to have this plugin installed first.

Once your plugin is installed, you can start creating new pages with Brizy.

Creating Your First Page


Now’s the time when your creative side can go wild!

When you go to the Pages section of your WordPress dashboard and click ‘Add New,’ you’ll see a pink button along the top of the screen that says ‘Edit with Brizy.’ With the click of a button, you can start creating your first page on your business’s website or your new blog.


New Page Brizy


Just remember: don’t panic! Even experienced web designers can become intimidated by a plain white page. However, even if you’ve never designed a site before, the Brizy page builder gives you the chance to move sections around and see how your finished page will look in real-time.

One of the awesome benefits of the paid version is a library of beautifully designed layouts. Using one of these layouts can help you get the look you want in half the time. With the base layout template down, you can customize the website to fit your brand or blog.


Brizy Blocks 2


If you don’t choose one of the pre-made templates, the page will default to the Brizy template, which is essentially a blank page ready for added features! If you prefer to work with the design of your existing WordPress theme, you can click on the piece of paper on the left side of the Brizy builder and choose ‘Default’ in the Page Template drop-down menu.


Brizy new page


Click on the top icon on the left to see all of your available Elements. These are blocks that can be added to your current blank slate to help design your page. Some elements are only available with a paid Pro subscription, but many features can be used right away with your free version to create a stunning site.


Brizy Elements


To start, click the blue Plus button to add a blank box to your page. From the element menu, drag and drop your chosen elements into the blank boxes and edit the content to your liking. When you’re getting started, playing around with the various elements can help you get familiar with what each section looks like on the page.


Brizy Element drag on new page

How to Design Your Webpage


One of the best parts of using the Brizy page builder is that you can design a page exactly the way you imagine it. Without the limitations or parameters of a template, the world is truly your oyster. However, that may mean that you need a blueprint to help get you started.

Take a look at websites you find visually appealing to get a feel for the flow of a page. For example, many pages start with a hero image or banner, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the same design that others do! Instead, once you’ve looked at websites for inspiration, you can hand draw a design you like and use that as a guide to create your page.

Once you’ve added an element, you can hover over that section and click the black and blue circle to edit it. This is where the beauty of Brizy comes through! Each element has a ton of customization options to help you create a site that looks exactly like what you had in mind.


Brizy Element Settings


We like Brizy because the editing features are intuitive and incredibly easy to use! While this should be standard, we’ve tried plenty of page builders that are designed for web designers instead of beginners with tons of complicated features. Brizy shows you the primary features you need to perfect each element.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all your options, Brizy also offers pre-made blocks to drop into your page. This can give you a head start to create specific sections. Finding the right block may be a little tricky if you don’t know web design jargon, but it’s easy to browse the category sections to see which block is right for your page.


Brizy blocks


Once you’ve started adding elements or pre-made blocks to your page, you’re well on your way to creating your new website!

Pros of Brizy


A Brizy review guide can’t be complete without a look at the pros and cons! While Brizy may be easy to use, we’re not only recommending it for its simplicity. From beginners to experienced website designers, Brizy offers a great page builder that stands up to the competition.

First and foremost, the pricing is a huge benefit. While the powerful free version is ideal for bloggers creating their first websites, the paid pro version provides a huge array of features for only $49 a year for three websites. The best deal is the $299 Lifetime plan, which offers ongoing support and new updates without worrying about a yearly payment. Since you’re able to try so many features in the free version, you can determine pretty quickly whether the Lifetime plan works for you.

Brizy is made to have an exceptional user experience, and it delivers. Unlike other page builders, Brizy helps you edit sections in a way that feels genuinely intuitive. Even experienced designers find Brizy a joy to use.

Even as a newer page builder, Brizy offers a ton of standard integrations in its pro version that can help you manage your marketing, an online store, and your leads. While these may not be things you’re considering yet, you’ll be glad these integrations are available as you grow your blog or business.

Brizy also offers a service called Brizy Cloud, which provides unlimited free hosting for your website. This is unheard of, so we recommend you jump on this offer immediately. Just like the page builder, the free version is exceptional, but if you want to create multiple websites, the paid pro version is incredibly affordable.

Cons of Brizy


While there are many amazing aspects of Brizy, it’s ultimately a program that is designed to meet the needs of beginners.

Many page builders offer the same functionality and much more than Brizy, even if the user experience is not as seamless. Builders like Elementor or Divi offer many more integrations and elements because they’ve been in the business longer.

While designing with Brizy may be a breeze, starting over can be a real challenge. While using the layouts, you are unable to switch to a new layout or restart the page, so you can lose lots of time deleting each element to try out different pre-made layouts. Additionally, if you choose to use a different theme or page builder in the future, uninstalling Brizy can be tricky and will require removing lots of unnecessary code left behind.

While the pricing is competitive, buying a lifetime plan may be a liability since this page builder is so new. While they offer a great deal, balance your needs and remember that you can upgrade to the pro version for $49 a year as well.

Should You Use Brizy for WordPress?


Overall, Brizy is a great choice for beginning bloggers and first-time website owners. Its affordability and extensive free features make the Brizy page builder a no-brainer for just about any project. While the program may be newer than other builders, it offers an awesome way to get your website up and ready quickly.

Install Brizy today and get started designing your website!

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