Affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid

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If you have been around the internet long enough,  you might have heard about the term affiliate marketing and how people all over the world are making good money by promoting someone else’s products or services. This article is not about that, this article is about affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid as a beginner. 

But, if you are not sure what affiliate marketing is, read this post first and then this one. 

Yip, making money online is a thing and a thing I am a little obsessed with. Not because I make millions of dollars with affiliate marketing, but I am trying to learn the in’s and out’s what affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid, so I can make more money and off-course teach you how to do it effectively. 

By saying this, I want you to understand I am not some kind of internet millionaire trying to sell you a course but simply want to inform you what most affiliate marketers and me included do wrong at the beginning and most probably daily. 

Affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid

It is something I wanted to get of my chest and share with the world that all the videos and countless hours of time I spent reading useless half-hearted written e-books about affiliate marketing failed miserably, and it is all because of one thing –

So-called gurus make as if affiliate marketing is easy! 

Yes, the concept is easy to understand, but it is quite difficult to make your first dollar. Sure, I am not saying it is impossible to get it right on day one, I am saying it all boils down to making money with affiliate marketing in an honest and ethical way day in and day out. 

You see, once the sales dry up (and it will) you get discouraged and develop a bad taste in your mouth for affiliate marketing, especially if marketers traded you some hard-earned cash for a  “Fire your boss super affiliate” e-book.

So, without wasting any more of your time I want to share 7 affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid. 

These mistakes are literally what I did, so the advice comes from the heart plus experience.

Let’s go – 

1. Lousy sale pages

Designing and writing lousy sales pages not only that but doing it half-heartedly with the hopes of making a quick buck. Plus spending money buying expensive software to build landing pages not knowing I can do if for free using software like Brizy.

2. Spending money on ads


Oh, it still stings a little. Once again I jumped head first and threw money at Facebook like they deserved it by running ads to affiliate offers whilst having no idea how the advertising platform works or even how to effectively create a high converting landing page. 

This is a big affiliate marketing mistake to avoid. 


3. Spamming Facebook groups


If I could slap every affiliate marketer who gave me this advice it would bring me a lot of satisfaction. Please refrain from doing this. You will get banned and look like a complete idiot. 

People can see affiliate marketers a mile away, plus it is such a newbie thing to do. Here are 8 strategies you can use to get affiliate marketing right.


4. Being to pushy


Another affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid is to try not being too pushy with your links in blog posts. It does not work and people hate when you tell or force them to do or buy stuff. Instead, make your visitors aware about the products by teaching them the benefits and show them the upside of using the products. 


5. Not selling my links 


Ok, this might sound complicated but this is a major problem for most affiliate marketers. They simply slap a link in a post, social media or on YouTube with a cringe worthy title like – “Want to lose weight? “ Click on the link! 

This has beginner written all over it. You have to properly sell your links by telling people why they need it, what the product is, where they can find it and the most importantly – THE PROOF. 

You need to prove the product works, if you have proof, you have a sale. 

Simple as that.

6. No intention to promote products 


This is obviously not as bad as the above mentioned, but I find myself every now and again applying for affiliate programs with almost no intention to promote it. 

Why? I don’t know really. Maybe it is just to see if they will accept me?

This is not a big issue but is still creates a negative impact mentally when you get monthly mails from programs with your affiliate sales at 0

Don’t apply if you have no interest in selling. 


7. Applying but have no idea how to promote.


This affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid is sad but true. I will find myself joining multiple affiliate programs but have no idea how to promote them. 

For example – I joined Kicksta (company that helps build your Instagram page) but I don’t have an idea how to effectively promote their service to make a decent income. I know what to do, but I don’t have the platform or the audience to promote it too. 

I can write a  review, but I am not an active Kicksta user, so I don’t have the experience to write a review. 


So, there you go. My 7 affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid as a beginner. 


You should take your time and strategically plan your approach to promoting products, and it is also wise to stick to one or two products when it comes to promoting. This way it will help you to hone and focus on selling a product effectively versus trying to sell 10 or 12 products. 

More importantly, take your time to do it right and don’t get discouraged if you don’t make sales at first. I approach affiliate marketing from a content creation side, and it took my blog almost a year to make its first sale. 

Now, it makes a steady stream of income every month. Don’t stop trying and test different  methods every day until something works.

You got this.

If you have any questions regarding this article please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Affiliate Disclaimer: In this or most of my post I recommend products or services via links or and banners. If any of these links end up in a sale I get a small commision at no extra cost to you.


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