9 Tips for the ultimate About Us page.

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It is easy to think an about us page is just a by-product of a website and you “should” have one because of industry standards. I get it because I feel the same way to be honest.

Then you start to think for yourself, who in the world goes to about us page and actually makes the effort to read it? Well, loads people to be honest!

You see, not everyone is the same and most people would visit an about us page to learn more about the person behind the website especially if the website sells product or deals with information that could be misleading, harmful or anything in that nature.

We as humans are simple creatures, and thrive on trust. If I don’t trust your product and your about us page failed to connect with me on an emotional level I for one will not purchase anything from you.

It all boils down to connecting with your visitors and creating trust. This should be your number one focus when planning your about us page for your new website.

If you already have an about us page and you feel  it could do with an upgrade then don’t worry, we have some great tips for you.

What is an about us page?


An about us page is an insight to the creators behind the brand/business. You should keep the focus related to the people and not the business. Keep the following in mind. 

Let your visitors know –

  • Who you are
  • What you are doing
  • How are you doing it
  • Where you are doing It. 

Connect with your visitors on a personal level and try to avoid a strong formal tone of voice. Tell a story if you can to create an emotional bond with your reader. 

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Why do we need an about us page?


An about us page is your golden opportunity to build relationships with your visitors. People don’t connect with businesses, they connect with people. So, use this space wisely. If you think people don’t spend time on about us pages then you are dead wrong. 

Keep the following in consideration when starting a new website

  • New visitors almost always have a look at the about us page when the website sells a service or product.
  • You now have the chance to show them how unique you and your product/service are.
  • Open up and share something that will make you vulnerable, this will create trust around your brand. 

Don’t try to be different, be different and showcase that in your about us page. 

1. The “Who”


Let people know who they are working with, keep it real and natural and tell visitors a story of what’s happening behind the scenes. If you are a team, let the whole team sit in and tell a short story about themselves. 

Have you ever sent an email and gotten a response back from some random guy or girl? You can’t help wonder how they look and who they are. Well, if you have an about us featuring everyone in your team your visitor can go and have a look to see who the person behind the emails are. 

If you can see who you are talking to, the chances are you might trust their advice much faster.

2. The “what”


Let your visitors know what you or your business do and how you can help them with their problems or needs. This is no place to sell anything, be genuine and focus on delivering solid advice or service. 

If you are breaking grounds with something new this is the perfect place to let your visitors know, you are unique and different from a sea of competitors out there. 

3. The “How”


This a good opportunity to explain to your visitors how you go about doing things from start to finish. I have seen many websites in South Africa who is just using big fancy words to sound corporate. This is confusing and it just makes you close the website and move on to the next. 

Keep it simple and use layman’s terms to explain your process. 

4. Start with the most important information first. 

This is essential for a good about us page. Don’t let your visitor scramble to find important information, let them know from the get go. You can use the section which the industry refers to as “above the fold” to display all your most important info. 

Above the fold is the first piece of content they see when a website page opens before scrolling. You only have mall piece to work with so make it count. 

5. Tell a story. 


Try to tell your visitors a story to build a deeper connection with them. Be human at all times and avoid trying to use all kinds of fancy jargon no one understands. The about us page is the perfect place to let your guard down and approach things a little more emotionally. 

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6. The design of your about us page. 


Try to design your about us page in a way that it will flow naturally. Keep it simple and engaging. Don’t use distracting colours and crazy moving banners or ads. 

7. Use Images. 


Go ahead and add a couple of images of you, team or even behind the scenes. Photos add to the whole trust factor that I keep on rambling about. But see it as important. Use high and good quality portrait photos. 

9. Things to avoid. 

Try to avoid any sales pitches in your about us page. This is not the place for it. You are trying to get people to trust you so, don’t annoy them with all kinds of offers. 

Affiliate Disclaimer: In this or most of my post I recommend products or services via links or and banners. If any of these links end up in a sale I get a small commision at no extra cost to you.

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