8 Affiliate marketing strategies to blow up your income

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You find yourself staring at your sealing most mornings wondering why you? Why do you have to get up and face an endless stream of cars driven by half  asleep people trying to get to a job that’s soul sucking with a boss and employees you will swap for next to nothing.

I am sure you known what I am talking about?

But, not today sir. Not today! Let’s talk about affiliate marketing strategies, an awesome way you can make money online with real tactics and strategies. 

Maybe you have tried to generate some money online and failed or you are just fed up with all the mediocre content and fluff on the internet that you might have given up on the idea. 

I feel your pain, I went down the same rabbit hole. But, like I said. Let me show you some strategies you can try today to help boost your income.

Ok, for those new and don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is the promotion of someone else or company’s product or services for a commission. In other words, if you promote a product from company A and make a sale, the company will pay you a commission.


If you are a complete beginner and don’t have an idea what affiliate marketing is and how to implement it in your business. Stop, and go read this article about affiliate marketing for beginners

8 affiliate marketing strategies to blow up your income.

1. Right affiliate program, right audience 


Many new affiliate marketers are making the mistake of wanting to promote everything to everyone. That simply won’t work. You need to stay focused on promoting products related to your niche to an audience.  

If you are in the finance niche and promote “Ted’s wood work books” to your audience because the commission payout is good, then I have sad news for you. You will only confuse your visitors a stand a good chance loosing them.

Stay focused and promote to the right target audience. 

2. Build a brand people can trust. 


Affiliate marketing goes hand in hand with trust. You have to look at affiliate marketing as a long-term solution to generate an income for your business.

Learn how to build a repeatable brand people can learn from and trust. 

If people come to you for advice and solutions, you know they trust you and if they do, you can recommend and promote affiliate products to them. 

This way, you will be able to build a business around affiliate marketing with a solid foundation and geared for success in the long run. 

3. Create amazing content


Ok, I know you don’t have to create content as not every affiliate marker is focused on content generation to drive affiliate sales but that’s what we teach at Web Nomads. Our affiliate marketing strategy we teach is around content generation. 

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s continue. 

Create content that’s out of this world and leave your competitors in the dust. This way Google has to promote your content before your competitors. 

The beauty of the strategy is, if Google ranks your content higher, you will receive a massive amount of free traffic which are highly target to a page with your affiliate links and products. 

If the visitors end up buying anything from your links, well………  You guessed it. 

Be warned, in almost every niche your competition will be very high so make sure the content you are producing is of high value. 

Every month or so, I will write a 3500 to 4000-word article for Web Nomads with all the bells and whistles. Not all of them  are ranking at the moment but, when they do it’s 5 times more than any other competitor in South Africa.


4. Don’t Put all your eggs in one basket.


I know I said in the beginning to focus on one or two affiliate programs and that’s still true, I am talking about one time payouts and recurring payouts. 

Most affiliate markers focus on one time deals but, you need to diversify a little and join programs within your niche that offer both. 

The idea here is to have a safety net if the one program collapse or for whatever reason close up shop.

Also sign up for programs which has a recurring payout like in my niche, I like to promote Divi and 1-Grid. 

Both these programs are super relevant to what I teach on Web Nomads and both have recurring payouts which makes it super fun and predictable. 

You can plan better when you know what income to suspect.

Divi WordPress Theme

5. Focus on multiple traffic streams


The main goal is to rank organically in Google to get that sweet, sweet traffic. But, if you have spent enough time in the online world you should know that Google can take away your traffic with a goofy annual update. 

Your traffic will literally collapse and disappear in a heart beat. If your traffic is gone, so are your income. 

If you are lucky enough to rank in the first page of Google, it would be a great strategy to have email sign-ups to capture email addresses. 

An email list is far better than 1000s of Facebook followers or on any other social media platform. The list is yours and no one can take it away from you. 

I recommend a company called Malierlite for beginners to advanced marketers with small budgets. They are by far the best and FREE to start with.

Another strategy is to start a business profile on Pinterest, Pinterest is an awesome source of free traffic and there are millions of businesses who use Pinterest to drive highly targeted visitors to their content every day. 

If you don’t know where to start, buy this ebook. It is awesome and it will teach you everything you need to know about Pinterest.


6. Do Reviews on your website/blog


There is no doubt that everyone on this planet are buying products and services of reviews they source on the internet and that is a good thing. We are spoilt for choice and the sheer amount of different products and services out there can make one feel a bit overwhelmed to say the least. 

This is where reviews come in, if you run a popular blog, you can review products and services. You just add your affiliate links in the reviews and if someone agrees and like what you have written and end up buying it, you have made a commission. 

Simple as that. 

Just make sure to add the good and bad in your reviews and be totally transparent about it. Don’t do a review about a product that is shitty or you know nothing about. 

If people end up buying it under your recommendation and it is not what you described then be prepared. 

That is all I am saying.

MailerLite email marketing for small business

7. Resources and Tools pages


Whatever you want to call them, make sure you have a “tools of the Trade” page on your blog or website. This is an excellent affiliate marketing strategy you can do with little effort.

The idea is to create a page similar to what I did on Web Nomads with all the tools you are using in your business at the moment. You can use your affiliate links to link to the products and services you are mentioning. 

You can even add a link to your review about the product. Many people look for recommended tools and resources they can use to make their lives better. 

You can do this quick and effortlessly. 


8. Page Optimization


If you run ads to a page or if that particular page receives quite a bit of organic traffic, please make sure the page is optimized for mobile. Almost 60% of all searches are made with a mobile device and if your pages look like it step on a land mine, your visitors will close your page as fast as they opened it. 

Make sure you have an email capturing box of some kinds ready on the page. Crucial!

Finally, make sure your content is awesome shareable content people will find helpful and refreshing. 

Don’t go over board with your affiliate links and promotions, chill and keep it natural. 


Wrapping it Up


Whatever your affiliate marketing strategies are, understand that affiliate marketing must be long-term solution for your blog/business. Build trust with your audience and be there for them when they need an authority to guide them on the right track

Create awesome content and share the hell out of it. Work hard and keep things above board and eventually your ship will start to come in.



Affiliate Disclaimer: In this or most of my post I recommend products or services via links or and banners. If any of these links end up in a sale I get a small commision at no extra cost to you.

If you have any questions regarding this article please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.


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